Sunday, July 20, 2008


Yay! My blog layout is completed, purely by trial-and-error with Blogger settings! This colour scheme looks just light and breezy enough for what I intend to use this blog for.

It looks like peanut butter-and-jelly mix! You know, the one produced by Lady's Choice! Or Goober.

And yes: I succumbed! I put Advertlets up again. I never had any problems with Advertlets, but I hated the way people abused the opportunity to put ads on their blogs to milk as much money as possible as fast as they can, without even caring for how it looks like to their readers. I also put up Adsense: I have succumbed worse!

Quick poll to no one in particular: do you think that I am a moral hypocrite for advocating Adblocks and then using ads? I am entirely against intrusiveness, and all for win-win situations!

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